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November 2014

27 November 2014

ESOS regulation will accelerate UK's green growth

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has fended off criticism of the Government's impending Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), insisting that a regulatory approach to improving the nation's energy efficiency is the right one

06 November 2014

Halloween has gone but there are still vampires lurking...

Is vampire energy sucking £££s from your bank account?

October 2014

20 October 2014

First ESOS Lead Assessors announced by Energy Institute

The Environment Agency has certified members of the energy professionals' body, the Energy Institute (EI), to conduct audits for companies looking to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

16 October 2014

Profit or Planet?

Global index reveals economic benefits of sustainable business

09 October 2014

Inventors of LED lights win Nobel Prize

Carbon Energy are specialists in the design and implementation of new lighting schemes in the industrial, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors - click on CASE STUDIES to find out how we could help your business!

September 2014

25 September 2014

Climate Summit in New York and March through London

On Sunday (21 September) thousands of people marched through London asking the Government to act on climate change. And on Tuesday (23 September) the UN Climate Summit in New York saw a host of impassioned speeches, revamped national commitments and new industry-led initiatives

18 September 2014

Wasted Energy on the High Street

Report indicates that high street businesses could be wasting far more energy than they realise and how boy band JLS are helping to raise the Co-op's energy efficiency profile

11 September 2014

Six renewable energy targets set for next UK Government

The renewable energy industry has united to launch a series of 'key tests' for the UK political parties ahead of the next General Election scheduled for next May

August 2014

28 August 2014

Empire State Building takes energy efficiency to new heights

The world's most famous office building is reaping the benefits of its innovative energy efficiency programme with a saving of almost $3m in 2013

14 August 2014

Wonder what ESOS is?

Guide to energy efficiency law launches

07 August 2014

Sainsbury’s super green supermarket

Energy efficiency in action at Sainsbury's

The results have been in line with, or even better than, our expectations delivering a payback of around two years.

Andrew Keech
Manager, Energy Project Moto Motorway Services



Our voltage optimisation projects provide an average payback in less than three years



Carbon Energy’s clients achieve substantial energy and cost savings as a result of our lighting installations