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July 2013

25 July 2013

Old wasteful energy habits die hard!

A recent Government survey shows that we are interested in saving energy but unable to break our old wasteful energy habits

18 July 2013

Mandatory Energy Audits

Businesses in the UK already face mandatory carbon reporting and now firms with 250 employees or more could also have to pick out ways to invest in energy efficiency as they will be included in the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

11 July 2013

Risk of UK blackouts has tripled in a year, Ofgem warns

The risk of future blackouts has trebled in the last year as Britain is facing an energy crunch that will push up bills, the energy regulator has said

04 July 2013

Energy efficiency key to meeting UK’s carbon targets

The head of the trade body for the energy sector has highlighted the need for the Government to get new energy efficiency schemes working and set out key challenges it is facing

The results have been in line with, or even better than, our expectations delivering a payback of around two years.

Andrew Keech
Manager, Energy Project Moto Motorway Services



Our voltage optimisation projects provide an average payback in less than three years



Carbon Energy’s clients achieve substantial energy and cost savings as a result of our lighting installations