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October 2013

31 October 2013

Are SMEs more in touch with their energy use?

Because of their nature and culture smaller companies could be more in touch with their expenditure according to one company president

23 October 2013

Strike price of £92.50 for every megawatt hour of energy generated by Hinkley C

The government has given the go-ahead for the UK's first new nuclear station in a generation

17 October 2013

Rising Energy Bills on the Royal Estate

Rising energy bills force 87 year old pensioner to live in “crumbling surroundings”

10 October 2013

UK firms struggling to get green finance

A recent survey by Siemens Industry and the Energy Institute has ascertained that businesses are struggling to get the cash needed to invest in energy efficiency projects

03 October 2013

GHG reporting comes into force

Opportunities to arise as mandatory GHG reporting comes into force

The results have been in line with, or even better than, our expectations delivering a payback of around two years.

Andrew Keech
Manager, Energy Project Moto Motorway Services



Our voltage optimisation projects provide an average payback in less than three years



Carbon Energy’s clients achieve substantial energy and cost savings as a result of our lighting installations