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09 May 2016

Three month grace period for ESOS is now over

The three month period for compliance with ESOS is now over but, according to the Environment Agency, 3,000 ESOS qualifying organisations were unaccounted for as of mid-April and are therefore now at risk of enforcement action.

Enforcement Action

When asked about the enforcement process that will now be undertaken, the Environment Agency spokesperson said: "We have recently started contacting organisations who we believe may be captured by the ESOS regulations and have not complied with the requirements of the scheme. All cases will be reviewed, with enforcement notices used where necessary and civil penalties served in the most serious cases.

"Our focus remains on bringing organisations into compliance with ESOS to ensure that the scheme delivers the energy savings and financial and environmental benefits intended."

Estimated savings from the scheme

Previous estimates made by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have suggested that ESOS could collectively save businesses £250m if just 5% reductions in energy bills were achieved through the Scheme.

What to do

If you believe that your organisation has not yet complied with the regulations, or you have received a notification from the Environment Agency stating that you are not compliant, please contact Carbon Energy as soon as possible.  

Remember each extra day of non-complaince results in a possible additional £500 fine per day!