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21 May 2015

ESOS opportunity will empower energy managers

Carbon Energy has now completed several ESOS submissions to the Environment Agency. If you think that you need to act on ESOS, or wish to discuss this in more detail,  please contact Paul Turgoose on 01264 790248 or email p.turgoose@carbon-energy.co.uk


Implementing energy-saving initiatives highlighted by the Government's Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) should be a 'no-brainer' for businesses, according to the energy and environment manager at Northern Rail.

Speaking exclusively to edie, Gareth Williams said: “As a piece of legislation, ESOS is very clever. The benchmarking, the full-on data analysis at the start is the difficult bit. As soon as you’ve done that you’re most of the way there. Once you’ve got that energy audit done, it should be a no-brainer to put some of those initiatives in place.”

ESOS requires all companies with more than 250 employees or a turnover of more than €50m to produce detailed reports on their energy use and efficiency every four years. Lead assessors will carry out an energy audit, paid for by the business, but there is no obligation to implement any of the efficiency measures identified. 

 “The fact that changes aren’t mandatory has made a lot of headlines, but I think that’s good, because otherwise the government is forcing companies to do something they might not want to do," Williams added. "It’s a business choice, if a company wants to prioritise spending elsewhere, that’s entirely up to them.

“From my perspective if I was given an energy audit and it said you can reduce your energy consumption by £10,000 and it would cost £100,000, so payback is this, then I’d do it, but that’s because I’m an energy manager.

“If I’m an MD, I might be able to spend that £100,000 elsewhere and get £50,000 back. It’s a business decision. What ESOS does do, is give the energy managers more power, because they’ve had to spend the money on all these audits, so they can say let’s do something about it and get a benefit from it.”


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