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02 July 2015

ESOS Compliance - Act Now!

Carbon Energy has now completed many ESOS submissions for clients.   

If you have not yet appointed an External Lead Assessor and got involved in the ESOS compliance process – time is running out. You really do need to act now. 

The Environment Agency will penalise non-compliant companies who have not submitted by 5 December 2015. There’s a fixed penalty of up to £5,000 – and you can be charged up to an additional £40,000 in daily penalties – if you don’t comply. Your non-compliance will also be made public, so you’ll be named and shamed. The fine process will commence straight after 5 December 2015. 

There is still time to engage Carbon Energy’s ESOS compliance services. We are half way through the first year of ESOS compliance and we understand that a significant number of companies still have not engaged with this new legislation. 

Please do not get lulled into a false sense of security. The time to contact a Lead Assessor is now! 


If you need help – or have any questions – please call or email Paul Turgoose on 01264 790248 or 07941 030519 – p.turgoose@carbon-energy.co.uk