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02 October 2012

Climate Change Agreements (CCA)

Are you aware that new entrants are being accepted from 2013 under the Climate Change Levy Agreements (CCLA).  To find out if you are eligible, READ ON ...

Climate Change Agreements (CCA) allow participants to claim a valuable discount on  climate change levy (CCL) charges each month, in exchange for meeting emission reduction targets. The scheme is available for certain energy intensive and PPC Part A covered industries such as printing, textiles, cold storage, plastics, steel, food and drink manufacturing etc. The existing scheme closed to new entrants in 2009.

The new CCA commencing in 2013 is open to new entrants. Under the new agreement the maximum CCL discount is increasing from 65% to 90% for electricity, potentially producing significant monthly savings to your company if they are eligible.  Gas will remain at the existing level of a 65% relief rate. In addition to significant CCL savings, partial or complete Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) exemption may be granted allowing further annual cost avoidance.  

As DECC have imposed deadlines this month, existing CCA participants and potential new entrants need to take action now to ensure this valuable cost reduction can be claimed through compliance under the scheme.  Carbon Energy Ltd (CE) provide competitive CCA negotiation and management services across all CCA sectors.  To find out more, please contact Dave Bourne on 07814 175327 or send an email to enquiries@carbon-energy.co.uk and we will put you in contact with our experts.