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02 October 2012

Carbon Energy Update

Carbon Energy Ltd has recently been implementing several different energy efficiency technologies and verifying the outstanding results with our clients.

Carbon Energy (CE) has recently or is currently:

  • Completed energy efficient lighting in a group of 270 restaurants throughout the UK
  • Installing 33 stabilising voltage optimisation units – all over the UK
  • Trialling energy efficient general and task lighting for a large motor industry manufacturing unit
  • Installing a new technology lighting and presence detection office lighting scheme for a Borough Council head office
  • Carrying out full energy efficiency surveys and producing Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for a multi-site college complex in the Midlands
  • Carrying out a detailed lighting survey to enable the introduction of high efficiency lighting in car showrooms, workshops and car standing areas in the South Yorkshire area - payback 3 years
  • Completed low energy lighting installations at 5 hospitality concessions at Heathrow Terminal 5 – payback less than 2 years
  • Researching the best way to update and re-instate a bore hole to provide grey water for a large hospitality and retail complex – payback less than 1 year
  • Installing 2 small voltage optimisation units into a large group of restaurants – projected payback less than 3 years

What can Carbon Energy do for your business?

Please call us to find out – Dave Bourne (07814 175327) or Paul Turgoose (07941 030519)