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14 November 2013

Carbon Energy comments on thermal images of power suppliers

Thermal image

Thermal images show how much energy is being ‘wasted’ at the offices of one of the four providers [SWNS]


A photographer from a leading news agency has taken revealing thermal imaging photographs of four of the leading power suppliers’ offices after normal working hours.

The infrared camera showed how much heat was being given off by the buildings with the red and orange colours highlighting the hottest areas.




Carbon Energy Director, Phil Coles, was asked to comment and said: "The images are pretty damning.

"You might expect these companies to know a bit about saving energy but they appear to be wasting it badly from their buildings.

"All four buildings are modern designs with big areas of glass which have been built to be aesthetically pleasing rather than energy-efficient. Heat escapes from them a lot quicker than in traditional brick or concrete buildings which can be insulated.

"The only way they would improve the energy efficiency of these buildings would be by completely changing the outer structure. You can't fully insulate glass because putting insulation on the inside of it means you can no longer see through it.

"A conventional brick or solid building can be insulated by adding things to the structure to improve the insulation properties of the fabric."