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Water Management

Without water management, large water leaks can go undetected for years – especially on commercial sites – and become accepted as ‘the norm’. This leads to a parallel leak of budget and expenditure through water consumption and sewage charges. Alongside heating, lighting and voltage management, Carbon Energy tracks and assesses water usage, locating leaks, benchmarking comparisons and providing accountable hardware and software systems to maximise commercial water efficiency.

What do we provide?

  • Automatic meter logging and transmission equipment – to assess consumption 
  • Site surveys – to spot leaks, old technologies and areas for improvement
  • Software – to graphically report usage for each site every ¼ hour 
  • Comparison and benchmarking – across multiple customer sites
  • Repairs and upgrades – rectifying leaks and inefficient usage both above and below ground 
  • The installation of water saving equipment and technologies
  • Verified results – based on our logging equipment and software – and demonstrable and rapid payback.

Achieved examples – what does this deliver?

  • Identification of major leaks - often below ground – has achieved customer savings in excess of 50%
  • Identification of major leaks above ground has achieved savings in excess of 30%
  • Installation of our equipment minimises consumption and can achieve a further 25% saving.

This is a big opportunity to save cost as businesses are charged for leaking water after the meter. The water company then assumes, incorrectly in most cases, that this leaking consumption goes into the sewage system for which there is an additional charge.

One client achieved a saving of £250,000 in just four sites so we strongly recommend you wake up to the potential in water savings!


Voltage Optimisation

Our voltage optimisation projects provide an average payback in less than three years


Energy Efficient Lighting

Carbon Energy’s clients achieve substantial energy and cost savings as a result of our lighting installations