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Voltage Optimisation

Operating electrical equipment at the designed voltage maximises efficiency while minimising electrical losses and maintenance. Carbon Energy provides the tools and systems to do this and can reduce kWh consumption by up to 20% on specific electrical loads. When our installations go live, we provide a guarantee on the payback period. Average payback so far has been between 2 and 3½ years.

Our voltage optimisation projects provide an average payback in less than three years and, depending on the specific installation, will generate 7–20% energy and cost savings for the client. A significant additional saving can be achieved by stabilising the voltage before the optimisation process. The assessment we carry out will determine the site voltage and the applicable load mix – both of which impact on the achievable savings.

Achieved examples:

  • Provide an agreed output voltage setting (we do not just trace the input voltage)
  • Place equipment on selected loads to maximise paybacks and reduce capital investment
  • Reduce overall electricity load of around 10%
  • Stabilise voltage to 220v.
Moto has achieved at least a 27% saving in electricity consumption, cost and carbon emissions while reducing maintenance levels through working with Carbon Energy.