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Efficient Heating Control

Carbon Energy has been developing a solution to the problem of staff constantly overriding the heating controls to their site. This can often be a problem for multi-site operations with very significant amounts of energy being wasted, particularly overnight.

Carbon Energy has successfully developed a heating control system which can be operated remotely from our bureau. This ensures that the desired settings are not overridden by on site staff while at the same time allowing the site managed access to the controls, or no access, whichever is specified by head office.

This service is specifically designed for multi-site operations such as pubs, restaurants, retail, small hotels, banks and similar organisations, where a fully integrated building management system is not cost effective.

The system works by:

  • Inputting the correct time and temperature into the control
  • Ensuring that these are maintained
  • Keeping track of boiler settings and ensuring they are not tampered with.

We can:

  • Reduce any wasted energy by ensuring the correct settings are maintained
  • Ensure times and temperatures are not changed or set to constant
  • Switch the heating system off when required over the summer months
  • Monitor the on site temperatures to eliminate any excessive energy use
  • Monitor the on site temperatures from any smart phone or tablet.

The system is easy to install and the equipment can be accessed on the move from smart phone or tablet using internet connectivity, either existing or provided as part of the installation.

The system settings are monitored from our bureau where any changes can be made remotely but, most importantly, only where the organisation's energy manager authorises them to be changed.

Initial trials of the system have shown paybacks of less than 1 year with no detectable changes to the temperatures of the building during normal operating hours.

Working with Carbon Energy, we have achieved consumption savings averaging around 20%, which has subsequently saved us cash.

Rob Embleton
Head of Facilities, Novus Leisure


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