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WM C1 v C2 Graph 3


Water Management

Carbon Energy (CE) was asked by an existing client to find a way of obtaining water data from mains water meters to facilitate internal benchmarking, include individual sites’ water charges in the Monthly Management Accounts and identify leaks through changes in volume and patterns of usage. 

This system of remote water usage readings was fully implemented by the end of 2012.  It provides a day +1 summary by half hour for each site’s water usage.  This summary is held on a remote central system which has full internet connectivity. 

Carbon Energy was tasked to identify high usage from individual site consumption.  Several sites had identifiable leakages (underground) and wastage (above ground).  We verified when leaks and wastages had been repaired using the data to show the cost and usage savings achieved. 

Our engineers attended site when necessary and completed on-site water surveys. 

The BIGGEST CHALLENGE we overcame was, without doubt, the water companies!


These were greater than both the client’s and Carbon Energy’s expectations. 

The client asked CE to undertake a water management service contract and bill validation on water invoices.

Additional benefit - water companies assume that increases in consumption flow into the sewerage system.  Therefore, any savings in consumption also reduce the cost of sewerage. 

Water invoices often have errors in them which could go on for several months.  Having a separate system of reading the meters helps to identify these errors and claim the refunds back for the customer.  A possible follow on is an invoice validation process to obtain refunds, using the data acquired.

Examples of identified savings below:


Sussex Site

Graph 1

Date range Saturday 30 January 2011 to Tuesday 02 February 2011 


Usage (m3)

Cost (£)

Average daily usage before ‘leak’

6.4 m3

£ 18.23

Average daily usage during ‘leak’

108.76 m3



102.36 m3



£291.76 per day


Reported to on-site Engineer on Thursday 3 February 2011.


Essex Site

Graph 2

Date range Thursday 7 October 2010 to Sunday 10 October 2010


Usage (m3)

Cost (£)

Average daily usage before ‘leak’

54.79 m3

£ 156.15

Average daily usage during ‘leak’

200.75 m3



145.96 m3



£416.01 per day


Site informed and repair carried out on Tuesday 19 October 2010.


Cumbria 1 v Cumbria 2

Graph 3

Data readings in m3

Date range Monday 31 February 2011 to Thursday 3 February 2011


Usage (m3)

Cost (£)

Site 1 Daily Average

118.66 m3

£ 333.45

Site 2 Daily Average

84.65 m3



34.01 m3

£ 95.58


£95.58 per day more at Site 2

These two sites are similar in size and should have similar water usage


Site informed and repair carried out on Thursday 10 February 2011.


Water Savings Review - Post May Audit

In May 2011 our customer commissioned Carbon Energy to carry out an audit of the water distribution systems to 6 of their sites. 

Below is a table showing the average daily usages in cubic meters before and after the audits.  The table also shows the percentage saving per site and the daily cost reduction.


August 2010

August 2011



Daily usage m3

Daily usage m3


£ per day











West Midlands
















No data due to Water Board’s meter problem







All prices are based on a pence per unit (ppu) of £2.41.

The projected saving from the 5 sites (where data is available) per year is

£788.48 x 365 = £287,795.

Devonshire Site – Site Specific Survey

The next phase of work will be the repair of the numerous toilet and tap leaks. Once this is complete, it is suggested that the meter logging data is revisited to assess the impact of repairing these issues.

Carbon Energy believes that fixing the issues identified by the survey should deliver water savings of around 177 litres/hour or equivalent of £6,680 per year. The 3am night time flow rate should drop from around 1,280 litres/hour to 1,103 litres/hour which is a 14% reduction. Due to the fault on the meter, meaning that Carbon Energy could not perform any below ground pipework integrity tests, the stated potential leakage between the meter and the site needs to be further investigated.

Carbon Energy recommends a site re-visit now that the meter has been repaired by South West Water to perform the usual pipework integrity checks which would normally highlight below ground leakage.

If the 1,103 litres/hour unaccounted for 3am consumption is identified and repaired, the estimated annual savings could be: 1.103m3/hour x 24 x 365 = 9,662m3/year x £4.31m3 = £41,643/year.

Savings in the region of £40,000 per year have been identified from the survey to test the pipework integrity.


Summary of Savings Identified by Carbon Energy

Total Annual Water Cost Savings Identified by the Carbon Energy Survey is £6,680/year

The breakdown of which is as follows:

  • £4,983/year is the flush mechanisms in the toilets
  • £1,698/year is the water dispenser leaks and sink rinse tap leak
  • £41,000 is currently unaccounted for.


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