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Solar Panel Installation

The award winning Days Inn hotel in Haverhill, in conjunction with Carbon Energy, has introduced a number of initiatives to help conserve energy and reduce the hotel's impact on the environment.  These include room sensors for all electric heaters which will only operate when there is movement in the room, or if the room drops below the set ambient temperature.

Recently, the team identfied the tremendous potential of generating pollution free electrcicity from solar panels fitted to the hotel roof.  The tailor made system was designed and installed to complement the high energy demands of a thriving hotel and conference centre.  The result is a financially sound investment that cuts running costs as well as slashing the hotel's carbon footprint.  The installation is an impressive 30kW of roof mounted solar PV panels that takes up 200m2 of roof space and delivers almost 25,000 units of elctricity per year (enough to power around 6 homes).  Equally important for the hotel, that has previously won Environmental Awareness acclaim from the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce, is the reduction in carbon footprint of an amazing 13 Tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.  And, as the solar panels are guaranteed for 20 years and have a life expectancy of around 40 years, this is a long term strategic investment for teh environment and local business.