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Voltage & Lighting

Moto Hospitality

Moto's investment in the energy saving technologies of efficient lighting and voltage optimisation including stabilisation has produced significant benefits and rapid payback for the group in addition to reductions in equipment  failure levels.  Overall savings have been in line with, or exceeded, our expectations which has helped Moto to achieve substantial operational cost improvements and reductions in our Carbon Footprint. We selected Carbon Energy to work on this initiative due to their highly professional approach and the evidence of their ability to deliver the payback estimates that were provided.  Carbon Energy is also involved in identifying and reducing significant volumes of leaking water which has produced further outstanding cost reductions.  There are still more savings to go for.

On the graph:

  1. Energy efficient lighting installed January 2011 to February 2011
  2. Average reduction in usage by 14.2%
  3. Voltage optimisation unit installed April 2011
  4. Average reduction by 24.45% (10.25% voltage optimisation, 14.2% lighting)
  5. Customer installed additional load at 2.2%
  6. Calculated total reduction by 26.65%

Moto has achieved at least a 27% saving in electricity consumption, cost and carbon emissions while reducing maintenance levels through working with Carbon Energy.