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Energy Efficient Lighting

There are many new lighting technologies which can potentially replace old inefficient systems. Financial and carbon benefits are substantial and are providing our clients with fast paybacks. Carbon Energy are specialists in the design and implementation of new lighting schemes in the industrial, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors.

We have regularly been achieving reductions in excess of 75% of lighting loads.


Recent Lighting Project

We recently designed an innovative lighting scheme using the most appropriate up-to-date technologies to achieve the client’s objectives. Implementation costs were quoted and the energy savings calculated. We provided a load rating for the old inefficient lighting and a load rating for Carbon Energy’s proposed new system. The difference between the two was shown in kilowatt hours and cost to show the expected payback on the client’s investment.

Key Steps

  • To understand the client’s objective
  • To save kWhs
  • To save money
  • To achieve a defined payback
  • To provide better quality lighting
  • To provide significantly more efficient lighting
  • To reduce maintenance, lamp failures and associated costs

All of the above were achieved when Carbon Energy designed an energy efficient lighting scheme to suit the client’s requirements.


  • Significant reduction of overall electrical load
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Reduced maintenance of lighting systems


Once we had agreed the client’s objectives and confirmed the ‘in principle’ budget, we visited the client’s sites and designed an appropriate scheme to achieve the client’s requirement. The best technologies from different manufacturers were used to achieve the customer’s objective, including the ‘right look’ for the brand. We also sought the approval of other stakeholders, the brand and financial directors, to check that a specification was agreed by all parties and that the payback calculations were at least as good as predicted.


As Carbon Energy both designed and implemented the new energy efficient lighting scheme we guaranteed the savings and paybacks. This ensured that the client had a predictable result that would improve as electricity costs increase.